A Letter From our Darkroom Scientist + Founder

Congrats on wanting to start and/or buy your own photo booth rental business!

Itís an exciting time in our industry and your options are limitless. You can go the DIY route, you can buy a photo booth, or you can buy into a franchise program and hit the ground running. Believe you me, with over a decade of experience in this biz, I know that buying a photo booth franchise is cheaper, easier and less risky than flying solo.

Time is precious so I and my website won't waste yours.

If youíre serious about buying or starting a photo booth business give me a call right now at 612-605-9203.

Why should you surprise me with a call? Because thatís how I do business: I love being caught off guard by a prospective new franchisee, I never get sick talking about TTPB (The Traveling Photo Booth), I have nothing to hide, I donít work off a sales script, I love talking to people considering the photo booth business, and a good old fashioned phone call cuts to the are-we-a-good-fit chase unlike anything else.

Not ready for a call yet? Thatís okay. Thereís just enough info on this website to get your photo booth feet wet, answer some questions, and hopefully start a conversation.

You most likely already realized that gigantic ranges in quality, reliability and support exist in the marketplace so please with cheese do your homework, get in touch, and best of luck as your quest to buy a photo booth business continues!

Your Photo Booth Guy®,
Mr. Jacob
Founder + Darkroom Scientist

Why The Traveling Photo Booth?

Unlike Brand X, we donít make money by selling photo booths. We make money when our franchisees make money. So, weíre looking for the right people in markets we believe we can take by storm and make real money in.

With over a decade of experience in the photo booth rental business, we know that to be truly successful, you need more than just a photo booth.

Success demands not only frequently updated and beautiful machines but a complete business system that evolves with demand, includes a strong brand with trademarks, patent-protected machines and software, legal and accounting guidance,training, sales, and technical support, marketing strategies , a beautiful website, lead generation, tools to help you grow your biz rather than just run it, and a family of like-minded fellow photo booth business owners invested in your long-term success. Learn more


Meet Our Photo Booths & Photo Stands

While the Photo Booth & Photo Stand is really just the tip of the photo-booth-business ice burg, you wonít higher quality, more beautiful machines with better features anywhere. Learn More


What's Included

The Greatest Photo Booth & Photo Stand in the Galaxy, A Time-Tested, Awarding-Winning and Proven Business Model. An Exclusive Territory, Initial, Remote & Ongoing Training & Assistance, 24/7 Support, An Incredible Team of Experts, An active investment in the long term success of your business, an award-winning online storefront, initial and ongoing beautiful marketing solutions, custom software that make the daily grind easier and so much more. Learn More


Pricing & Additional Info

Believe you me, joining our team is actually cheaper and less risky than flying solo. Pricing depends on how many machines you want, how quickly you want to grow, and how many markets youíre interested in owning. Request Additional Info